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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

School Kit Update!

Thanks to everyone who donated either supplies or money to our August School Kit Drive! We collected 183 kits!! Wow! That is just spectacular. On September 12 we loaded the car up and drove the kits to Reedley California to the MCC West Coast offices. We were fortunate enough to get to see the piles of boxes ready to be shipped overseas. Every little bit counts! We then visited the MCC Quilt Showroom, and the Cafe. A wonderful quick trip, We, of course, made the promise to be back in a year, with even more kits!

Friday, July 24, 2015

School kit drive

It’s that time again!  Global Heart is once again collecting school supplies for disadvantaged children. The school kits, which are received with high praise from students and teachers, are distributed in orphanages, children's shelters, schools for disabled children and refugee camps.

Last year, we collected 103 school kits for children in Syria.

This year, the school kits we collect will go to children in Colombia and Honduras. All school kits must have the same contents, so when they are distributed, all children receive the same items. We also welcome donations by cash or check. If you donate extra materials, we will distribute them to other needy children

Global Heart will collect school kits for the month of August, through September 5th

School kit supplies

 Please follow the contents and sizes listed, so each child receives the same items.  All items must be new.

- 4 spiral notebooks or composition books, 8.5" x 10.5", 70-80 pages each

- 8 unsharpened #2 pencils

- 1 ruler, flexible plastic with both 30 cm and 12" scales

- 1 large pencil eraser

- 1 box of 12 colored pencils
(no crayons please)

Place contents in a finished 11" x 16" fabric drawstring bag (free at our store), or just bring them to the store by September 5, 2015.

Global Heart, 939-2847
423 First Street West
Sonoma, CA
Every day 10 - 6

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Even though we've been having 'summer-esque' weather for months now, you really can feel the change into full fledged summer. The days are longer, the nights stay warm and July 4th is just around the corner.
Now is the prefect time to get your R, W & B fix. We have plenty of personal accessories and table decor to be fully decked out for whatever party you may be attending... or throwing yourself!
So come on downtown this July 4th (and before!) for a fun day of parade watching, shopping, and end this glorious day with Sonoma's famous fireworks show. It's going to be a great day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

World Fair Trade Day
May 9th, 2015
Global Heart is committed to being fully fair trade to help artisans across the globe. On this World Fair Trade Day, we want to do more, and you can help!
Global Heart is donating 10% of all sales on May 9th to a wonderful scholarship program in Guatemala. Just $45 covers the costs of school materials for one child for an entire year. It is our goal to sponsor at least 10 children.
So come in, shop, and know that in addition to buying products made for a fair wage you are helping keep a child in school, and helping to fund the future.
We will accept any additional donations as well!

What can $5 do?
In America, it can buy your morning latte.
In Nepal, it can send a girl to school for a month.

What happens when a young girl doesn’t attend school?

She is three times more likely to be married before her 18th birthday and two times more likely to die in childbirth than if she completed primary school.

$5 helps a young girl break the cycle of poverty.

This Mother’s Day celebrate women and girls across the globe and help them get the education they need to realize their dreams.
Purchase a bookmark for $5 and know that you are helping break the cycle of poverty.
Global Heart will donate 10% of all sales on Mother’s Day to The Power of 5. We will accept any additional donations as well.
Together we can change the world!
 We'll see you this weekend!!

 Greetings! We wanted to extend our thanks to all of our wonderful customers who came in and donated to the earthquake relief in Nepal. You all brought in $1731.68!! We made a promise to match, and we made a decision to bring the total UP to $4,000. We popped a check in the mail today! We are splitting the funds evenly between the Baseri Medical Clinic that was completely destroyed, and general Artisan relief.
Thank you, thank you for your generous donations!

More more info please visit: